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The Polish school - VIII LO in Kraków (Dorota Szafraniec) - was responsible for collecting the whole printed version. In the individual years we worked in the following work groups: Year 2011/2012 I. Ich ändere mich meine persönliche Entwicklung / I am changing - my personal development 5. trait d union has been founded in 2000 at the German School of Toulouse in France in cooperation with the Lycée International Victor Hugo de Colomiers.Meine nationale und europäische Identität / My national and European identity II. In einem gesunden Leib eine gesunde Seele / A sound mind in a sound body Year 2012/ Aktuelle Ereignisse und Entwicklungen verändern die Welt / Current affairs and trends are changing the world 2. So, meanwhile the international school magazine is older than our youngest editors!Education, Language, School 46 Aleksandra ZIELIŃSKA, Aleksandra CIOŚ (8LO): Lernen mit dem Lehrbuch in der Hand oder?2 comments 47 Nakiye GÜVENTÜRK (TAOL): Eine Umfrage über Schule, Bildung und Sprache 48 n 9/2013, page 3 Aleksandra CIOŚ, Aleksandra ZIELIŃSKA (8LO): Die Antwort auf den türkischen Artikel Eine Umfrage über Schule, Bildung und Sprache 48 Anna MACHNIK, Marlena NOWAK, Patrycja PLUTA, Marta TOMCZYK, Agnieszka TWARDOSZ (8LO): Education in Poland 3 comments 49 Sümeyye SERENBOY (TAOL): A Survey about Language Learning in our school 50 Halime DOGAN (TAOL): Let Learn Language!Kommentar zum artikel Andenken aus der Vergangenheit und ihre gegenwärtigen Äquivalente-Kindheit über drei Generationen von Philine Behrens 1 comment 71 Monika ŠIMKUTĖ (SPG): Changing world 2 comments 72 Marta BARANKIEWICZ, Anna MATYJA (8LO): Our city in the past and now Main Market Square 4 comments 73 Aleksandra ZIELIŃSKA, Aleksandra CIOŚ (8LO): Hat Krakau seinen Reiz verloren?5 comments 75 Karolina KEMPKOWSKA (8LO): Krakau vor 100, 50 Jahren und Heute 76 Aleksandra CIOŚ (8LO): Stadtbild von Krakau und das Leben seiner Bewohner in den Jahren Aleksandra CIOŚ, Aleksandra ZIELIŃSKA (8LO): Leben in der stetigen Angst 2 comments 79 Jessica REINHARDT (HPS): Bleibende Erinnerungen - Gedenken an den Feuersturm 1 comment 80 Paula SZCZYPCZYK, Kasia LENAR, Renata CHOROBIK, Szymon ŚWIĄTKOWSKI (8LO): How did the individuals try to change living conditions of their families?In the second work year we focused on current events so as to accustom students to systematic following changes happening in all the regions of the world and to develop their ability to foresee consequences of these changes.The milestones in the modern history of partner countries were crucial for better mutual understanding.

Wie oft haben sie das Gefühl, Europäer/-in zu sein?4 comments 50 Greta UNDŽYTĖ, Agnė VALANČIŪTĖ (SPG): Importance of foreign languages 6comments 51 Selay OKŞAŞOĞLU (TAOL): Comparing English Teachers 53 Stefania RONCI (LSP): The rise of a new Lingua Franca: English 53 Margherita TIRIDUZZI (LSP): Dialects: division or tradition?1 comment 54 Nakiye GÜVENTÜRK (TAOL): Different countries, same difficulties 55 Halime DOGAN (TAOL): Die Veränderung der Frauen 56 Marta BARANKIEWICZ, Anna MATYJA, Justyna KOŚCIÓŁEK (8LO): Are reforms of education good?Jugendkultur Veränderung der Werte / Jouth culture then and now. Bildung, Sprache, Schule / Education, Language, School IV. Die Ereignisse und Entwicklungen verändern mein Leben / These events and trends are changing my life 3. In these 13 years students (and even some teachers) of 25 schools from 15 countries and 4 continents have written articles, created videos and audios in 29 languages, always trying to discover together the treasures of interculturality, hundreds of students participated in project meetings in order to learn about new life styles and to create something together.This is a long period of time in which there were many ups and downs; sometimes (and for a lot of reasons) the conditions were fortunate, sometimes they were difficult. The former partners want to explore now new avenues of projects, and I am hopeful that all of them will be crowned with success. Lothar Thiel Project Manager of trait d union Deutsche Schule Bilbao n 9/2013, page 2 Index The world is changing Introduction 1 The participaiting Schools 2 The letter of Lothar Thiel, trait d union Manager 2 Indeks /2012 I.

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  1. From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology, dating is linked with other institutions such as marriage and the family which have also been changing rapidly and which have been subject to many forces, including advances in technology and medicine.