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The implication here is that, in recounting history, even academically adhering closely to supported accounts, one must still be selective and carefully choose how the information is organized.Taking such events and fictionalizing them further complicates the process, resulting in the alteration of facts and accounts and favoring storytelling over veracity. You can’t start glamorizing it, you can’t start trying to soften it. And there is no ultimate truth of it because you can’t explain that to anybody, so the truth is very difficult to get at.

Eric Schaefer (1999) highlights the fact that the marketing of exploitation films has regularly tried to situate narratives within the realm of “real life.”3 Schaefer writes: “Closely tied to the timeliness of a film, but also to sexual and other aspects was veracity” (109).The film follows the police investigation, the independent investigation of Laurie’s brother John, and Laurie’s captivity at the hands of the building’s superintendent, Vance, and ends after Laurie’s breaking free from her abductor with an intertitle stating that the film is based on true events.While not transcending its widely regarded status as “exploitation,”1 it does demonstrate the possibility of being either aesthetically and narratively sophisticated or clumsy.Through engaging with Todd Berliner’s work on incoherent narration, along with theories of, and approaches to, true story adaptation, this article addresses not only how the film functions, but how it works as an adaptation of “actual events.” Furthermore, it addresses how is positioned as an exploitation film.Apart from exploitative uses of sex and violence, this paper posits that the appropriation and use of claims to veracity is itself exploitative of both generic exploitation and the viewer’s cognitive reception of the closing intertitle trope.

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En effet, l’intertitre qui conclut le film affirme non seulement que les événements ont effectivement eu lieu, mais indique également des années précises et les lieux actuels afin de protéger l’anonymat des personnes impliquées.

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