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Thunderbolt Iron is especially popular in fiction (and has some basis in reality until furnaces were invented, it was the best source of refined iron).Much mad science uses unobtainium, such as chemicals with impossible properties, universal solvents that can dissolve anything in the blink of an eye, super-explosives that make nitroglycerin look like a weak cough, and plenty of other funny-colored solutions.Compare Mineral Mac Guffin, Spice of Life and Fantasy Metals.The term planet is ancient, with ties to history, astrology, science, mythology, and religion.Some forms of unobtainium are based on real physics, but beyond the current scope of human engineering, such as room-temperature superconductors; they would revolutionize just about every form of technology, but they are not in and of themselves dangerous or based on some exotic physics-bending principle.Others are more fantastic "high-grade" unobtainium, such as antimatter, which would be a revolutionary way of storing huge amounts of energy, if it didn't violently conventional matter it comes into contact with, including air molecules and the walls of whatever you're trying to store the damn stuff in.In Science Fiction, it will usually take one of three flavors: whatever stuff makes Faster-Than-Light Travel possible, closely followed by the stuff that can mess with gravity (if they're not one and the same), and finally, the stuff they make Humongous Mecha and Alien spacecraft out of, which is why they tend to be effectively immune from earthly weapons or environmental damage.For Willing Suspension of Disbelief, authors may pick out something actively being researched within the scientific community at the time of writing and run with it.

In fact, according to this survey, only 25 percent of Britons said that they believe Darwin’s theory of evolution is “definitely true,” while another quarter reported that they think it is “probably true.” These results mirror those found in most surveys of American’s attitudes about evolution, although ours are slightly worse.

) and Noah released the animal pairs to go forth and multiply. Bush when we arrived at the primate cages, featuring marmosets and gibbons.

Standing next to a poster display of the differences between apes and humans (implying that humans are not apes, which we are), Mr.

The most common varieties of unobtainium in fiction sit somewhere in the middle, like materials so resistant to heat and/or damage as to be Nigh Invulnerable compared to other, similar substances.

Materials such as mithril, adamantium, and orichalcum (and all variant spellings thereof) are the fantasy version.

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In England, according to this recent survey, fully half of the 2,060 people questioned were either strongly opposed to the theory of evolution, or confused about it.

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