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Debuting in the Silver Age; Egg Fu was a Chinese Communist agent (and horrible racial stereotype) who inexplicably took the form of an egg the size of a house, and used his Fu Manchu moustache as a weapon.

Post-Crisis, Egg Fu was reimagined first as an Apokoliptian super computer, and then as a centuries old criminal mastermind and mad scientist named Chang Tzu.

Originally an Italian conman and master thief obsessed with knowing all the angles, Angelo Bend later gained a magic Penrose triangle that enabled him to warp space time, manipulating geometry to his advantage.

Alkyone calls Diana "The Dragon" and was convinced that she would destroy Themiscyra, and tried to kill the infant, resulting in her imprisonment with the other members of The Circle.The first Doctor Poison, alias Princess Maru, fought Hippolyta, the Golden Age Wonder Woman, during World War II, both on her own, and as part of Villainy, Incorporated.Decades after WWII, Doctor Poison I's unnamed grandchild would take on the identity of Doctor Poison to battle Diana in the Post-Crisis era, and would also join a new version of Villainy, Incorporated.Soon after, she joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad and was one of several such beings to wage an attack against Wonder Woman, and later on, Cyborg himself.A psychotic witch/a wandering, demonic spirit who's got it out for Donna Troy, Dark Angel first appeared to vex the Golden Age Wonder Woman Hippolyta after being summoned by Paula von Gunther.

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