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They also wanted to learn how Kaspersky’s detection software works so they could devise ways to avoid getting caught.Too late, however: Kaspersky found them recently while testing a new product designed to uncover exactly the kind of attack the intruders had launched.Given the timing, it’s worth considering several other details about the dispute between the US and Kaspersky.(This was all written for another post that I’ll return to.) Amid the reporting on Eugene Kaspersky’s potential visit to testify to Congress, Reuters reported the visit would be Kaspersky’s first visit to the US since spring 2015.The interest in attacks attributed to the NSA and GCHQ is not surprising if indeed the nation behind Duqu 2.0 is Israel.Kaspersky released its Equation Group whitepaper in February 2015. One thing that I found particularly interesting in the Equation Group whitepaper — in re-reading it after Shadow Brokers released a bunch of Equation Group tools — is that the report offers very little explanation of how Kaspersky was able to find so many samples of the NSA malware that the report makes clear is almost impossible to find. One such incident involved targeting participants at a scientific conference in Houston.

Kaspersky Lab did not immediately respond when asked when its chief executive was last in the United States. A link in that Reuters piece suggests Kaspersky’s concern dates back to August 2015 Reuters reporting, based off leaked emails and interviews with former Kaspersky employees, that suggests the anti-virus firm used fake files to trick its competitors into blocking legitimate files, all in an effort to expose their theft of Kaspersky’s work.The theft, which hasn’t been disclosed, is considered by experts to be one of the most significant security breaches in recent years. investigators believe the contractor’s use of the software alerted Russian hackers to the presence of files that may have been taken from the NSA, according to people with knowledge of the investigation.It offers a rare glimpse into how the intelligence community thinks Russian intelligence exploits a widely available commercial software product to spy on the U. The incident occurred in 2015 but wasn’t discovered until spring of last year, said the people familiar with the matter. Experts said the software, in searching for malicious code, may have found samples of it in the data the contractor removed from the NSA.Next, it attempted to run the group’s DOUBLEFANTASY implant and install it onto the victim’s machine.The exact method by which these CDs were interdicted is unknown.

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Kaspersky claims to have more than 400 million users worldwide.

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