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The Croatian is a former Armani model who is 28 years Bernie’s junior.But since the divorce, Slavica has paid an estimated £300million to 84-year-old Bernie as part of the agreement.Growing up, she was part of a big Sunni Muslim family in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, and studied at the elite £5,800 a term Lebanese American University (LAU), which was set up by American Presbyterian missionaries as a school for girls.

Her last album release - MJK, reached #1 on i Tunes World Music chart in both the United States and Canada .

Sue Ann, an economist and lawyer, filed for divorce on May 19 2012, but Continental CEO Harold has said they separated in 2005.

Reports in 2014 claimed the Hamm could face losing half of his estimated £13billion fortune.

In one photo, her love rival, a leggy brunette wearing a short skirt and black heels, beams for the camera in a brand new £135,000 pink Bentley sports car, a similar model to one owned by Paris Hilton, a gift from Mr Juffali.

In another post Ms Adada, dripping in expensive jewellery, is dressed in denim hot pants, a tight pink top showing off her curves, topped off with a cowboy hat holding the hand of her husband and facing him.

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