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Despite recovery of 452 686 spacers from CRISPR amplicons and metagenomic data, rarefaction curves of spacers show no saturation.

However, cultivation has usually been required to determine phage host range and to study the interaction dynamics (Hyman and Abedon, 2010).

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Immunity is achieved by sequence identity between transcripts of spacers and their targets.

Here, we used metagenomics to study the stability and dynamics of the type I-E CRISPR-Cas locus of Leptospirillum group II bacteria in biofilms sampled over 5 years from an acid mine drainage (AMD) system.

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Second, assuming that hosts only incorporate spacer sequences from phage that infect them, CRISPR spacer sequences can be used to define the host range (Andersson and Banfield, 2008).

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