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It was no more a dive than any other of the Gunnels clubs, in fact photos show it to have been nicely decorated at this time.

There were a large amount of people of historically recent Jamaican descent living in Brixton at that time, so it was a mixed audience which was, maybe, reflected in the, possibly, more frequent appearances of Jamaican ska bands and American soul/R&B acts here than at some other clubs; but these acts were also very popular with the white audience, especially mods, as well as Jamaican youths.

The second floor was a bar and the third was the venue [this sounds like the description of the Ricky Tick in Hounslow!?? to put Jimi on at our club, the Ram Jam in Brixton, on the 10th December as the support act for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, a kind of trial gig.

Assuming they would do well, he told me to follow this up with another appearance, this time as the main attraction, a few weeks later.

Once pass the Cashier (my friend Georgina) and the bouncers (usually amateur wrestlers) it led into the bar and seating area.

At age 16 all you could get was soft drinks and the seating areas were banquettes, the lighting was dark, with lots of opportunity to roll the splifs without detection!

The stage and dance floor was on a lower level leading from the bar.

With the Flamingo, it didn't have that much effect, as the club was fairly small and had a limited capacity..the Ram Jam, a much larger venue, with a different and younger audience, the difference was incredible.

Usually, the crowd was around a few hundred, depending on how big a 'name' was playing..of course, with all the publicity surrounding the meteoric chart rise of the single, combined with the press reports and 'word-of-mouth', the club was packed to the gills and the box office 'take' was probably a record (no pun intended)!

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